Translation Services

Translation Services



Medical translation is a technical translation in the field of medicine. There variety of documents we find under this section is as broad as the medicine itself: journals, reports, essays, prescriptions, records, diagnosis, medical information pamphlets and many others.


Technical translation deals with technical and scientific subjects which contain a specialized terminology of the field. Within this section we find texts such as scientific journals, engineering, technical bids or reports, spec sheets, etc.



A legal translation is the translation of a text used within any legal system. It includes a wide range of documents such as regulations, diplomas, registration documents, contracts, reports, certifications and statements, international trade documents (letters of credit, invoices, certificates of origin, bids, etc.), patent and trademark filings, court transcripts, licenses and many other documents.


Sworn translation & interpreting is a translation or interpretation that certifies its accuracy with regard to the original document. This certification is signed by an official sworn interpreter named by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and gives legal validity to the translation.

More information about sworn translations here.


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